A brief introduction to who’s behind the blog.

Hi, my name is Samantha.

Let’s get straight to the point, however I do find it feasible to give my readers a back story on whos behind the blog. I have Crohn’s disease ( obviously why I’m writing this blog ). I am amongst the 115,000 people said to have it in the UK. People of Caucasian descent make up 80% of those diagnosed with Crohn’s and other inflammatory bowel diseases – making me a ‘rare case’ as I am of black African descent.

How would I be described by other people? Well, to most I would be deemed a ‘normal teenage girl’ by whatever standards of normality society forces upon us. This blog challenges everything that I stood for. I’m like the BIGGEST advocate for living a private life. Letting the world know about my current condition has felt like I am making myself vulnerable. Which is exactly what the problem is,having a chronic illness is not a thing that anybody asks for – it just happens and this mentality that I previously had is what stops many people, specifically young people from speaking out about their experiences.

I ignored obvious symptoms of the disease(that will be covered in my next post), carrying on with my days ignorantly. I hid my pain and suffering until it became visible. I lost weight rapidly, unable to indulge in activities that were part of my daily routine.

Shying away from the world spending months distraught,distressed and infuriated. Communicating my emotions across to anybody was something I did not want to do,with fear that I would be a burden I developed this idea that part of a private life entails going through your less glorious days on your own.

Of course my physical health continued to deteriorate. After letting those around me know what had been going on with me , I realised it was time to go to the hospital. Mind you, a hospital trip seemed daunting at the time, there’s something about humans where we just assume the worst.

That is where the journey really began, I visit the hospital weekly/bi- weekly and will continue to do so for a while. As some of you with the disease will know the diagnosis is a complex process. I have been prescribed with Asacol , which helps to suppress the immune system , controlling my symptoms and has enabled me to regain some sense of self for the past 6 weeks.

I originally planned on creating this blog in 2018 , my new found motto ”if not now then when?” ended up with me right now ,right here in 2017 writing this blog.

5 thoughts on “A brief introduction to who’s behind the blog.

  1. More more more! 💜 If not for me, do it for you! Be proud, (you have a great writing style) and be loud – many will envy your courage to start a blog but that doesn’t make it unachievable. Wishing you all the small successes in hope for a big accomplishment in the future.

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  2. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through and at the same time proud of you for coming out to talk about it which proves how strong and brave you are. We are all here to support you all the way and pray that the almighty God heal you quickly IJN….amen

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