10 things not to say to someone with Crohn’s,colitis and other IBD’s

  1. You don’t look sick. Image result for sick

Inflammatory bowel diseases are what people refer to as ‘invisible illnesses’. I may appear okay but the smallest tasks require all my energy and turn into a daily struggle.More often,people who suffer these types of illnesses do not want sympathy. By looking good we are able to keep hold of some small aspect of normality.

2. Why are you always tired ? You don’t do anything.

Fatigue is all part of the package when you have Crohns and other IBD’s. ThImage result for tired pinkis mainly comes from not being able to absorb nutrients properly. Other side effects include anemia and dehydration from the frequent bowel movements which can also lead to tiredness.

3. OMG , I know what you’re going through

Welllll. No you don’t. When opening up to somebody about your IBD you are often faced with people explaining their own bowel movements to you. Thank you for telling me about your stomach ache 6 months ago. But it is incomparable to what I go through everyday. Even amongst people with Crohns and colitis no one’s experience is the same. Just be a listening ear.

4. Have you tried going vegan? vegetarian , dairy free?Image result for vegan diet

Many foods can trigger symptoms,which vary from individual to individual. Although, dietary changes are not always a negative thing to suggest. I have completely eliminated diary from my diet for the past 3 months in addition to reducing my meat consumption, for the sake of having a healthy,balanced diet. However, what needs to be understood is that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease , therefore it is not caused by diet!

5. WOW, you’ve lost / put on so much weight.Image result for scale

It is very likely that the person suffering from Crohns will be unhappy with their weight as the change is quiet drastic. In my case , having lost a large amount of weight I have had comments such as ” at least you’ll be skinny forever!” these comments are not funny. When speaking to somebody with IBD mentioning their weight is something you should abstain from.

6.Why are you so picky with food?

Side effects from medication or during a flare up ( when the disease is active ) may result to a loss of appetite. As I mentioned earlier on , certain foods can cause the onset of symptoms. Me not eating those foods is not me being picky, rather just careful.

7. My uncles,brothers,dads,sister was cured from IBD.

Thanks for the narrative. There is no cure for IBD.Image result for waka flocka ok meme

8. You literally just have to use the toilet all the time, it cant be that bad !?

If you haven’t already , check out my blog post on Crohns , colitis and other IBD’s symptoms. They can be extremely disabling.SO yes, it really is that bad.

9. Wow , I don’t know how you deal with this.

Another , very inconsiderate comment. Thank you for reminding me of my torment.

10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST.Image result for listen

Do not ask too many questions. Many people with IBD’s are uncomfortable in talking about their symptoms due to the nature of the disease. Don’t be too forward. Educate yourself on the disease before engaging in a conversation with the person. ( It literally can take you less than 5 mins to understand what Crohns, colitis and other IBD’S are)

Thank you for reading !

8 thoughts on “10 things not to say to someone with Crohn’s,colitis and other IBD’s

  1. Love this! And it can apply to all autioimmune diseases. Sorry you battle this. My dad and aunt did and now I’ll be having testing done for it in two weeks. I was diagnosed with RA and Lupus late last year. Of these illnesses crohn’s and or colitis scare me the most.
    I have a lot of symptoms.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your ongoing battle with RA and Lupus. Taking the time to blog about your experiences is challenging and I commend you on your bravery. Hopefully your test results come out all clear for Crohn’s and colitis 💖

      Liked by 1 person

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