4 months on… How am I doing ?

Hi everybody

I’ve neglected posting for two weeks due to being so busy and honestly having what I call a brain fart. I couldn’t think of anything to write!Whenever I did think of something I discouraged myself. Well, it’s always okay to take a break from all things once in a while.

From resentment to gratitude.

Many of my days prior and post diagnosis were spent in resentment. Questioning why this was the fate chosen for me was a constant thing for 3 months. Irrational thoughts infiltrated my brain – I was almost on the verge of giving up. I could easily say it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever endured or ever will matter of fact.

Somehow , during this dark, depressive, bleak time. I lost myself , and found myself in ways I could never imagine. I have become so resilient , compassionate and above all GRATEFUL for every experience. I beat the odds placed against me and beyond. My new found perspective of life has given me so much genuine happiness and joy .

Being diagnosed with Crohns Colitis was the most unpleasant wake up call for me. I now have to go extra lengths to make sure I stay healthy ; consuming a balanced diet, getting the right amount of sleep every night ( people with autoimmune diseases will be able to relate to how fatigued we are all the time)

  • Currently , my disease is inactive , I have been in remission for almost three months now meaning I haven’t experienced any related symptoms.
  • 6 tablets a day of Mesalazine daily which my body is responding to very well.
  • ANNNND I get iron infusions every other month.
  • My hospital trips are still frequent and will be for a while.

Although I can’t speak for all. To anybody who has been recently diagnosed , this is sooo cliche but it DOES get better. Just like all things in life, time shifts and new circumstances are created.

4 thoughts on “4 months on… How am I doing ?

  1. I just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy one week ago. I’m waiting for the biopsy results which I’m supposed to get one week from today. They’re testing for mirco colitis and crohns, cancer,celiac. I also asked them to biopsy for lupus and Rheumatoid since I’m diagnosed with them but it doesn’t show up in blood work other than my ANA being positive.

    I’m pretty scared. Scare it will be one of the above but equally scared that something’s very wrong and I won’t have answers as it often goes for me. My father and his sister both had crohns colitis and I’ve watched a good friend almost die many times from it. I’ve spent so much time caring tor that friend in and out of hospital in the past. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around being diagnosed with lupus, Rheumatoid, and Osteoarthritis all in one year. Now this…

    In the scopes they found internal hemorrhoids which I knew of. They become external in the heat and nothing can be done unless I want to be awake for surgery through a surgeon.
    The found ulcers in my stomach and I have an inflamed esophagus.

    If feels like things just keep coming at me. Oh and I had wicked ass fissures for 8 months but being on Enbrel seemed to clear them up which is great but then the doc didn’t get to see them in the scope. Those were some of the worst pain I’ve ever had.

    What were your first symptoms?

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    1. Hiya! Please remember that time isn’t still,it will pass and you won’t forever be stuck in what you’re feeling now. From one “chronically ill” person to another I promise you times will get better. Although it may not appear so. I have to commend you on your strength for already dealing with three conditions. Hopefully they are just ulcerations and nothing serious ! As you mentioned you know people close to you that have suffered from it , if your biopsy comes out reporting inflammation at least you’ll be somewhat prepared. My symptoms involved constant lose bowels accompanied with blood or sometimes literally just passing blood. I had ulcers in my mouth , my knees were constantly swollen , my hair was thinning and above all developed anaemia from the loss of blood via my stools which lead to constant fatigue and headaches. I currently am on remission where I am having little to no symptoms. Hoping for the best 💖

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      1. Thank you. So glad you’re in remission. I have the constant bowel frequency, fissures, mouth ulcers, hemorrhoids. I thought meds I was on was causeing the bowel frequency but it turned out not to be the case. It didn’t get better off the meds. Also I’ve already lost my bladder and have lived with a urostomy for 19 years and I live constant frequency from that too. Then there’s also epilepsy. So I think I’m in a place right now where I’ve had enough. I know I will keep going, I’m just weary.


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