What does remission really mean for people with chronic diseases?

The definition for remission : a temporary diminution of the severity of disease or pain

.. What does this actually mean for me?

Your doctor or consultant will let it beknown that the aim of your treatment is to put you in remission in order for you to live a healthy life.

Many of you , like myself saw remission as this beautiful thing that will instantly rid you of your problems and everything will return back to normal, viola!?

It’s the complete opposite. Remission is an AWFULLY slow and tedious process.

Disappointment and remission do unfortunately come hand in hand.

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In fact I would know first hand. I would have moments where I would get some of my symptoms pop up to say HELLOO, this puts me in a right frenzy. WHAT IF MY MEDS AREN’T WORKING ANYMORE? WHAT IF MY BODY IS REJECTING MY TREATMENT? WHAT IF I’M GETTING ILL AGAIN? DOES IT EVER COMPLETELY GO AWAY ? I’ve heard stories about people who have been in remission for years and just wonder how?

After doing some internet digging and getting advice from the Crohn’s and colitis support group. The main thing to a stable remission is – remembering your body will never be the same again. This is vital , I had a moment last week where I completely forgot I had Crohns Colitis and ate all of the things I shouldn’t have been eating – I ate foods very high in fibre and saturated fats. This of course had an effect on my Crohns , it felt like a mini re activation of the disease ; it was the first relapse I’ve had since being in remission and was absolutely awful. Weirdly enough this acted as a wake up call for me, reminding me that I still need to be nurturing my body the same way I was when I wasn’t in remission.

Taking your medication regularly at the same time , last week was a complete blooper  I ended up not taking my 6 tablets of Mesalazine ( my daily dosage) for three consecutive days , for no real reason other than the fact I wanted to see if I could go medicine free. Well I can say I won’t be doing thaaaaat again anytime soon. It was horrid , after the third day I went straight back to taking my meds regularly, I guess I got carried away with all the miracle testimonies I’ve been reading about people who have been in long-term remission without medication. YEAAAH, I wouldn’t recommend that lol.

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During remission , not everyday is going to be rosy , you are going to have short moments of activated disease once every now and then. During this journey discouragement will also be a recurring thing. The main thing is how you deal with that discouragement , check out my post on how to tackle stress during an IBD flare https://crohnsandme.blog/2018/01/ . I always tell people to not neglect their mental state of health during this journey , it is important to try to keep your spirits up high , a clear mind gives way for more rational perceptions of things. It is always easier said than done but it is never impossible either.

Thank you for reading xx

4 thoughts on “What does remission really mean for people with chronic diseases?

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I think of true remission like a mythical unicorn, it doesn’t exist. Crohns is for life I’ve accepted that and I really agreed with the med free bit. I don’t want to try and take myself off something that is actually keeping my symptoms at bay. Thanks for sharing


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