Studying with IBD.

Hey guys !

It’s been a long blog post coming, I’ve been so indulged in life finding the time to blog was impossible.Today , I finally got a day to just ,relax ,unwind and chill so yeah I decided to blog 🙂

So here in the UK , exam season is upon us. Unfortunately. Exams go on between May -June depending on what stage of education you’re in. I’ve made these tips very generic – they can be applied whether you’re doing your GCSE’S, A-levels, or in university. In no way do I claim to ‘know it all’ these are just the strategies I’ve found that work for me as someone who has IBD.

One way I combat fatigue whilst studying is –  Studying in the morning. 

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As unpleasant as this sounds , this is what I’ve found works for me. In the morning we are said to be the most alert – which makes it the perfect time to study and absorb all this information! I wake up around 7:30 am everyday , its taken me ages to master this, a few months ago this would be the time I would be going to sleep. I begin studying around 9/9:30am with the aim of finishing by 13:30pm not consistently though , its important to take breaks in between! I would also do the work that requires me to use my brain the most in the morning if you know what I mean ; like writing essays , reading , and writing notes. Then later on in the day – when I’m just flat line exhausted I watch videos to consolidate my learning which doesn’t require too much brain power , just an open ear 🙂

Getting the right amount of sleep.Image result for sleep animation

Many studies have suggested there is a strong correlation between IBD flares and lack of sleep! During exam season we should aim to be our healthiest so we can perform to the best our ability – by getting 7-8 hours of sleep which I get every single night – I’ve reduced the chances of me getting an IBD flare by 36% !

FoodImage result for healthy food

Making sure you eat CLEAN.This is ever so important for those of us with IBD. You want to be leaning towards healthier options as many of us suffer from deficiencies due to food not being absorbed properly from the inflammation we have in the gut.Eating healthier also decreases the chance of outer gastrointestinal inflammation anddddddd will decrease the chances of having a flare up. The food we eat can also determine how well we perform in the exam , I do know for sure eating a bowl full of chips isn’t too beneficial 🙂

remember to stay away from foods that are :

  • high in saturated fats
  • spicy
  • excessively sweet
  • high in fibre
  • and any other foods that you find trigger a flare.

Staying physically active

Not everyone is big keen on exercise and neither am I to be honest. One way I do stay fit is by walking long distances or just going for a quick walk during my study breaks.

Benefits of walking : 

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  • Good for both your physical health and your mental health. Studies have suggested it can improve your mood, reduce stress and provide mental and emotional satisfaction. It is said that endorphins (chemicals produced naturally by your body) are produced whilst walking these may create a ‘natural high’ bringing about changes in your body that make you feel happier.
  • Can help reduce your risk .of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke

If you’re like me and can’t stay consistent with the gym try brisk walking sessions or buying a fitness mat ( they’re relatively cheap ) and work out from the comfort of your own home.

Keeping your mental health afloatImage result for zen

Stress can be the biggest factor towards having periods of activated disease and can actually be a cause of inflammatory bowel disease. That being said , keeping your stress levels from exceeding is very important. Yes exams are important and it is inevitable that you will be stressed butyou have to remember your health and taking care of yourself should always be your number 1 priority. Work alongside with your body not against it , it is perfectly okay to take a few hours or even a day to do something that is not study related.

Check out my post on how to manage stress with Inflammatory bowel disease : Headspace.

There are things your school/college/uni can do to help..

If you’re in uni or starting uni

  •  Here in the UK , if you have IBD and you are in higher education you are eligible to DSA ( Disabled Students Allowance) , this is a grant that doesn’t need to be paid back. With the DSA you’re entitled to extra time during exams, extra resources from lectures , specialist equipment and software that aids with study and of course an extra payment on top of your student loans.
  • You can apply for it on the student finance site.

If you are in school / college 

You get extra times during your exams and the exam board are made aware of  your condition which means you are marked less harshly.

A lot of my readers live in the USA, Canada and Norway , so I’m not to sure if you guys have something similar that you can access , but I would recommend trying to find out !





On that note I will be busy studying and this will be my last blog post for a while. I also have a very exciting opportunity that I cant wait to share with you guys.

Thank you to everybody who has read my posts and followed my blog !

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