Hey everybody , I’m Samantha and welcome to my blog !

I am 19 years YOUNG and this space I’ve created will be almost about everything from fashion, make-up ,food ,travelling , netflixing , being a chronic procrastinator, a book worm … not to forget about IBD !

You’re wondering then why did I chose to name my blog crohns & me if it isn’t just all about Crohn’s disease? Well , this is simply because as you all may know IBD is a chronic condition meaning its for life. So in other words we’re joined together at the hips ! Wherever life decides to draaaaaaag me to that gurl will be right with me. Therefore my blog will demonstrate the balance of the fact that : I am not my disease and ibd isn’t my life , however it is a huge component of it which adds a twist onto ordinary experiences. 

To wrap it up ,  I just want to share my experiences with everyone and a legitimate reason to chat shit